The 1st edition of Congress The Journey of the Needle was held in Maastricht the Netherlands 8-9 Oktober 2016. TJotN objective is to focus on the use of acupuncture needles in Healthcare.

Being sensitive to the effect of the needle

A publication in the BMJ shows that male and female reactions to acupuncture at the well-known acupuncture point GB 34 might differ.
These findings underline the premises from Chinese Medicine that each individual has to be needled in a individualised manner. This requires the appropriate skills of the practitioner and the choice of the right needle.
The blog below illustrates this sensitivity to the needle very obviously.
from John Stan, Eastern currents, Canada.

As a practitioner, you need to assess your style of needling and challenge yourself to adapt your style to each patient that walks in your door.
Each type of needle has certain features that you can match to the patient and their situation. In many schools, students will use only one or two styles of needles, but are not taught that certain needles are more beneficial for some patients.
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Picture: Acupuncture in Medicine