The 1st edition of Congress The Journey of the Needle was held in Maastricht the Netherlands 8-9 Oktober 2016. TJotN objective is to focus on the use of acupuncture needles in Healthcare.

How dull is your echo chamber?


Mingling with people similar to us (and equally avoiding the ones we don’t like). Getting information from sources that say what we like to hear. Reading newspapers that appeal to us. Supporting a political movement. Tuning into a broadcaster of our choice. Swiping right. Swiping left. We are constantly making choices in order to accommodate the world to our liking. It seems natural to all of us.

When focussing on the information we ingest, media, and specially social media seems to be serving this purpose perfectly. Feeds (not to speak of search results) are nowadays highly personalized, tailor-made to nurture our specific interests. We are now able to craft our personal (digital) environment with people we like, messages we subscribe to, leaders we follow, views we agree on. We are always one quick click away from banning, unsubscribing, discarding all content that doesn’t appeal to our taste. To each his own and live and let live. That doesn’t sound bad, right?… right?


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Written by Dirkjan Heijne Alarcon, Docsave GmbH




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