The 1st edition of Congress The Journey of the Needle was held in Maastricht the Netherlands 8-9 Oktober 2016. TJotN objective is to focus on the use of acupuncture needles in Healthcare.

History Evoluon Eindhoven II

Het Evoluon 1960-1970( for dutch translation scroll down)

The inspiration for the Evoluon Eindhoven started at the end of the 1950s. Philips had surprised friend and foe with the Philips pavilion during the first post-war world exhibition in Brussels. ‘Le Poeme Electronique’ attracted more than 1 million visitors in six months. The costs for a temporary exhibition, however, were pretty hefty.
During a dinner by Frits Philips with his ‘artistic right hand’ Louis Kalff the ambition to set up a permanent exhibition space is discussed again. According to tradition, Louis Kalff sketches 3 striking buildings, including the futuristic-looking flying saucer.
In 1963, the construction of the Evoluon Eindhoven started energetically. Partly because of the extremely harsh winters, it is in many ways a feat that the festive completion could take place in 1966. The jubilee gift from Philips to the city of Eindhoven and its people is a fact.


Het evoluon 1970-1980

From the opening to the earliest early 80s, the Evoluon experiences its heyday as a public attraction. The top year was 1970, in which no less than 527,000 visitors passed the entrance gates for an unforgettable visit to an interactive exhibition.
Visitors still vividly remember the red “counters” at the entrance that counted the number of tickets. Numerous fascinating themes were offered on the 3 rings. Health, modern comfort, relaxation, the importance of knowledge and science, communication and traffic and the problems of the ever-growing world population.
Interesting topics were discussed in more depth. In an accessible manner, the general public was explained the working of radar, telephone, satellites, television and many other modern products. Interaction played an important role in this. Learning happened with ease. Learning became an experience.

De inspiratie voor het Evoluon Eindhoven begon eind jaren ’50. Philips had vriend en vijand verrast met het Philipspaviljoen tijdens de eerste naoorlogse wereldtentoonstelling in Brussel. ‘Le Poeme Electronique’ trok in een half jaar meer dan 1 miljoen bezoekers. De kosten voor een tijdelijke expositie waren echter behoorlijk fors.
Tijdens een etentje van Frits Philips met zijn ‘artistieke rechterhand’ Louis Kalff komt de ambitie om een permanente expositieruimte in te richten weer ter sprake. Volgens de overlevering schetst Louis Kalff 3 markante gebouwen, waaronder de futuristisch ogende vliegende schotel.
In 1963 wordt voortvarend gestart met de bouw van het Evoluon Eindhoven. Mede door de extreem strenge winters is het in meerdere opzichten een huzarenstukje dat de feestelijke oplevering al in 1966 kon plaatsvinden. Het jubileumcadeau van Philips aan de stad Eindhoven en haar bevolking is een feit.


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