The first edition of Congress The Journey of the Needle was held in Maastricht the Netherlands 8-9 Oktober 2016. TJotN objective is to focus on the use of acupuncture needles in Healthcare.
Different Style, different Universe Different Style, different Universe From traditional needling to the most new techniques
Save the date! 28-30 september 2018 2tJotN. Needling for healing: tJotN explores and shares knowledge. Save the date! 28-30 september 2018 2tJotN.
Work has started for 2tJotN Work has started for 2tJotN Get back soon for regular updates! Picture: Alejandro Ontiveros Robles
All about the use of acupuncture needles in Healthcare All about the use of acupuncture needles in Healthcare
Inspiration Inspiration Impressions tJotN 2016

img_2577First congress
“The Journey of the Needle” exceeds expectations!


The first wave of feedback from the participants of tJotN definitely surpassed my expectations. Although numbers were small ( a 100 attendees)  the experience was great. For which I’m very grateful. And I’m not quite sure whether this is the result of my intention to create a slightly different congress with a more scientific angle. Or just the simple merging of a good location, very inspiring speakers, motivated participants and last but not least my devoted team that backed me up in a most excellent way. At least a seed has planted and has to be taken care off in order to continue its journey. The plans for a second congress tJotN are being processed!

Many thanks,

Johanna Biemans,


The use of the acupuncture needle has conquered the world! Instead of getting lost, throughout history the use of acupuncture needles for therapeutic aims became part of the healthcare spectrum around the globe. This has happened despite the fact that the evidence for the efficacy is controversial. During this two day theme congress we will dig deeper into the variables of therapeutic needling: intensity, frequency, type of needle, intention of the therapist, etc. The scientific compass of the journey will have a twofold focus:
1. needles and techniques
2. perceptions of the human body


Also from my side my congrats for this great congress. The concept is impressing and well implemented, great speakers, the location is amazing and the organisation surprisingly (for the first time) well done. The food very good, too.
It really could be the basis for a series of future congresses with much more support from NVA, Zhong and BAF. The work load should be more spreaded. The question is what is the upper limit of participants. Belgium and the Netherlands need a congress like this.
                                                                     Gerd Ohmstede, President TCM Kongress Rothenburg.

Nog gefeliciteerd, met het organiseren van beide dagen, erg goed gedaan. Ik denk, dat we toch de weg op moeten gaan van wetenschappelijke onderbouwing, ik heb met veel plezier de artikelen gelezen, in het Engelse Medisch acupunctuur journaal.TCM en wetenschappelijk onderzoek hoeft niet op gespannen voet te staan, mijn idee. Indien ik je van dienst kan zijn, hoor ik dat wel.
Walter van den Branden, fysiotherapeut, accupuncturist


Needles and techniques

The journey starts with the nine classical needles described in the Lingshu, with different shapes and usage. Needles and manipulations are further explored and continued to be used throughout Chinese history. In the mid seventies the acupuncture needle gets introduced in western healthcare. Innovative techniques and needle manufacturing have evolved since then and even an intelligent needle for data collection from within our bodies has been spotted.

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Perceptions of the human body

At least as important as the needle and the technique of manipulations used, is the theory that explains the therapeutic goal. Do we target triggerpoints, neuronal circuits or meridians? The perceptions of the human body changed over time and probably will change in the future. What perceptions match closest the needling craft?

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